Eligibility and Process

The Bioscience Enterprise programme consists of two parts. In year one – students complete 8 taught courses to gain the PGDipBioEnt qualification. Students awarded PGDipBioEnt and having achieved a B+ average over the 6 best courses are eligible to enter the Master in Bioscience Enterprise programme (MBioEnt) in year two.

Candidates for entry in the PGDipBioEnt must have a bachelors degree related to the life sciences eg BSc with a major or specialisation in Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Science, Food Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, or Psychology; or a BE in Biomedical Engineering; or a BPharm; or a BTech in Biotechnology.

Candidates wishing to apply for entry in the PGDipBioEnt should email the Director of the Bioscience Enterprise programme (director@bioscienterprise.ac.nz), to arrange an initial interview in person, skype, or by phone.

Application for admission is via the University of Auckland’s website (www.auckland.ac.nz) by clicking on “Apply now” and then following the directions for “Current or returning students” or “Future students”. Note that new entrants to the Bioscience Enterprise programme must seek admission to PGDipBioEnt. Please observe the application closing date.

The class size is limited to 25 students and admission is competitive. Previous academic achievements, relevant experience, communication and presentation skills are factors taken into consideration to select candidates for admission.