An invitation to a University of Auckland Bioscience Enterprise Friday Forum, sponsored by NZTE

Date: Friday 18th May, 2012
Time: Presentation 4:30pm, followed by drinks and nibbles
Venue: SBS Reception Lounge (Common Room)

Title: Having The Stomach to Succeed
Presented by Dr Brian Ward, CEO of Wellington start-up Mesynthes

Having a promising technology – even a very promising technology – is one thing; going out on a limb (or an organ) to develop it is another. Choosing the best pathway to success is often a dilemma.

Dr Brian Ward, CEO of Wellington start-up Mesynthes, left the relative security of his role as the inaugural CEO of NZBIO just over 4 years ago in order to clean sheep stomachs. A lot has happened since then.

That cleaning is now a proprietary process that purifies and sterilizes the tissue to produce Endoform – an extracellular matrix containing structural proteins, adhesive proteins, glycosaminoglycans and growth factors. The resulting biomaterial is an exciting example of convergence of medical device and therapeutic technologies. Targeting the soft-tissue regeneration market (in excess of US$6 billion), it demonstrates quantitatively superior outcomes in vascularisation and rate and quality of repair. Mesynthes aims for Endoform to be the ECM platform of choice for regenerative medicine.

The lead product, Endoform Dermal Template or EDT, is used in chronic wound healing. With it, Mesynthes has completed very positive clinical trials, has achieved FDA 510k regulatory approval, has secured agreement with a multinational for distribution in Nth. America and agreement with another multinational in Europe for the development of a further wound care product.

Mesynthes has also established a certified cGMP facility with the capacity to meet the demand for commercial product of EDT for the next three years.

Two second generation products – Endoform Regenerative Template or ERT and Endoform Infection Control or EIC – are being developed. A 510k FDA application has been filed for ERT and EIC has achieved proof-of-concept.

With its products protected through patents, regulatory compliance and trade secrets as well as established partnerships with multinationals but also the potential to sell directly to niche markets, Mesynthes must decide on the best way forward from here.

Please join us as Dr Brian Ward’s discusses the development of a business strategy for taking a specialised NZ bioscience company to the global market.

All welcome. RSVPs to Margot Bethell for organizational purposes would be greatly appreciated. Please email or phone (09) 923 9625 or 0274 305 758.

Public car parking is available nearby under the U of A’s Business School, the Owen G Glenn Building, in Grafton Rd. There is also limited parking available in Princes St.