An invitation to a University of Auckland Bioscience Enterprise Friday Forum, sponsored by NZTE

Date: Friday 13th July, 2012
Time: Presentation 4:30pm, followed by drinks and nibbles
Venue: SBS Reception Lounge (Common Room)

Title: North to South, West to East – A Global Experience
Presented by Dr Suzanne Bertran, CE of NZBIO

Our guest speaker, Dr Suzanne Bertrand, has travelled south from the north end of the Northern Hemisphere and then half way round the world to live and work in New Zealand. On the way there was the US, China, Nth Africa....

Suzanne obtained her PhD in molecular biology at Laval University in Québec City and is now CE of NZBIO. In-between she has worked in both the public and private sector of the bio-industry as a research scientist, a consultant, a team manager and project leader, a start-up founder and CEO. In this presentation, Suzanne will focus on her experiences in establishing successful bio-industry operations in cultures vastly different to her own.

Suzanne was responsible for development projects in both Tunisia and China, where she lived in the Gansu province. Her projects involved many of the areas of bioscience around sustainability of food and the environment where NZ has much to offer globally, including soil analysis, water quality and plant physiology. Her experiences, though, translate even more broadly.

Suzanne experienced both frustration and great satisfaction as she learnt to operate in different cultures and different political systems and meet a range of expectations. Her ‘learning experiences’ were many. Suzanne learnt the importance of distinguishing between direct translation and developing a mutual understanding. She had the pleasure of overseeing the setting up of laboratories and systems entirely reliant on imported equipment evolving to those that were self-sufficient. She dealt with the obstacles to bringing western experts beyond the major cities to travel throughout the country to where they were needed. The list goes on..

Please join us to share Dr Suzanne Bertrand’s insights to the rewards and challenges faced by a westerner living and working in the bioscience sector in Nth Africa and China.

All welcome. RSVPs to Margot Bethell for organizational purposes would be greatly appreciated. Please email or phone (09) 373 7599 ext 89625 or 0274 305 758.