An invitation to a University of Auckland Bioscience Enterprise Friday Forum, sponsored by NZTE

Date: Friday 14th September, 2012
Time: Presentation 4:30pm, followed by drinks and nibbles
Venue: SBS Reception Lounge (Common Room)

Title: Bowling You Over
Presented by David Anstice, Business Development Manager for the Food Bowl and Sector Specialist, Food and Beverage, with ATEED

The Food Bowl at Manukau, with its 2000 square meters of space and processing equipment aimed at supporting companies moving from lab-bench ‘R’ and into the ‘D’ phase, should be of great interest to the bioscience industry. Already utilised by Plant & Food and several SME’s in this sector, this is an exciting entity.

The Food Bowl is a model of infrastructure, skilled support and facilities that encourages strategic sector clustering.

It is already identified as an iconic company/organisation that will be included in the new Advanced Technology Institute (ATI).

Several millions of dollars of state-of-the-art high tech equipment allows for innovative approaches throughout the processing of many forms of food and beverage produced for a variety of functions.

Confidentiality for the companies utilising the Food Bowl is assured by the presence of 4 totally independent processing suites, complemented by private carparking. Each suite is available for as short a time as one day.

Flexibility and wide ranging capability is assured by complementing the several large fixed pieces of high tech equipment, such as the High Pressure Pasteurization machine, with over 200 pieces of mobile ancillary pieces of equipment.

GMP accreditation allows companies in the health space to produce product for clinical trials.

FSP (Food Safety Programme) and RMP (Risk Management Programme) registration allows companies to assess the issues associated with scale up of production under regulated conditions. Together with the ability to produce small scale commercial quantities, companies have the potential to significantly increase their business development options.

David Anstice, Business Development Manager for the Food Bowl and Sector Specialist, Food and Beverage, with ATEED will be our guest speaker at this month’s forum.

You are warmly invited to take the opportunity to be ‘bowled over’ as David explains how the Food Bowl is increasing NZ’s capability and productivity in the F&B sector and to consider the possibilities this model has for the wider bioscience industry.

All welcome. RSVPs to Margot Bethell for organizational purposes would be greatly appreciated. Please email or phone (09) 923 9625 or 0274 305 758.