An invitation to a University of Auckland Bioscience Enterprise Friday Forum, sponsored by NZTE

Date: Friday 14 June, 2013
Time: Presentation 4:30pm, followed by drinks and nibbles
Venue: SBS Reception Lounge (Common Room)

Title: ‘Thank You’ From All the Fish
Presented by Photonz CSO, Dr Hywel Griffiths

While not all the many claims for the ‘wonder’ molecules in the Omega-3 family have convincing evidence, few people could doubt the impact and importance they have had on the health and wellness sector. I am sure that everyone reading this is very conscious of their weekly intake of fish and/or daily fish-oil capsule. Fish, with their relatively high proportions of the longer chained omega-3’s EPA and DHA, are consider the far superior source for these compounds. Plant oils simply cannot compete.

But fish get their omega-3’s from algae – and Photonz – the company featuring at the June forum – have gone to the source. They ferment marine microalgae to produce their fermentation product PNZ0901 and, from there, high purity EPA (eicsapentaenoic acid).

Their proprietary technology owns or controls seven patent families. Importantly, it overcomes a number of obstacles previously encountered in continuous fermentation of microalgae.

The overall process also has some huge advantages. It is….

• Sustainable; does not deplete threatened fish stocks
• Scaleable
• Able to produce a consistent, reliable supply of product
• Free from heavy metals or other contaminants and pollutants associated with fish sources
• Secure and traceable.

EPA is a critical ingredient in regulated pharmaceutical products and medicinal foods addressing cardiovascular disease. The ability of Photonz to provide a high purity and reliable source of EPA that is scaleable on demand allows them to supply drug manufacturers with confidence. Given that the global cardiovascular disease market generates annual sales in excess of USD 60 billion and as such is the world's biggest pharmaceutical segment, this is not a bad thing!

You are warmly invited to join us as Photonz CSO, Dr Hywel Griffiths talks about Photonz, from idea to implementation.

All welcome. RSVPs to Margot Bethell for organizational purposes would be greatly appreciated. Please email or phone (09) 923 9625 or 0274 305 758.