An invitation to a University of Auckland Bioscience Enterprise Friday Forum, sponsored by NZTE

Date: Friday 13 September, 2013
Time: Presentation 4:30pm, followed by drinks and nibbles
Venue: SBS Reception Lounge (Common Room)
School of Biological Sciences

Title: Revolution Unlimited
Presented by Iain Hosie, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Revolution Fibre

Pause for a moment to consider the possibilities of material produced by Revolution Fibre – a non-woven nanofibre substrate made from a continuous carbon polymer as fine as 1000th the width of a human hair, made without high pressures, without high temperatures …………

Nature, of course, exploits nanofibres to provide features varying from the grip of a gecko’s feet to the five-times-greater- than-steel strength of spider webs. However, attempts to mimic nature have been limited due to low outputs and techniques requiring high levels of heat and/or temperature destroying many potential properties.

Iain Hosie, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Revolution Fibre, will explain how they have overcome these production barriers. He will expand on the significance of the incredibly high surface area, the high porosity and permeability and the optical and electrical properties of the substrate they produce. The resulting material may, indeed, revolutionise many industries!

Revolution Fibre’s proprietary sonic electrospinning technology produces a ‘fabric’ so fine that it is only 0.05 grams – yes, grams – per square metre. The technology can use almost any carbon polymer as a base while also allowing ‘additives’ such as enzymes and plane extracts to retain their functionality. Furthermore, with production of fabric up to two meters wide and at a rate of up to 1000 square metres per hour, Revolution Fibre allows commercially viable scale-up of nanofibre products.

Revolution Fibre’s first products include cosmetic and skin rejuvenation fabrics made from collagen, composite reinforcement materials and biodegradable air filters. Future possibilities in the bioindustry include drug delivery materials, bone regeneration and biomarker detecting membranes.

Please join us as Iain Hosie explains how Revolution Fibre has taken nanofibres out of the laboratory and into the global market.

All welcome. RSVPs to Margot Bethell for organizational purposes would be greatly appreciated. Please email or phone (09) 923 9625 or 0274 305 758.