Graduate Stories

IMG_3973_180pxWARED SEGER, MBioEnt 2011
CEO of Parrot Analytics

As a science graduate with global entrepreneurial aspirations, the MBioEnt degree was everything I had hoped for in a science-business interdisciplinary programme.

It is incredibly difficult for even the most astute business leaders to navigate through the intricacies of commercialising an idea. The MBioEnt degree armed me with business acumen and a solid foundation in science commercialisation I could leverage to build on my science degree. From financial and legal skills to marketing strategies and detailed case studies, the course covered a spectrum of knowledge required in any commercial environment.

While many courses provide business training, the Bioscience Enterprise programme presented the material through a ‘science lens’ with a focal point specifically aligned for science graduates; accelerating the learning curve associated with the material and ensuring its transferability. This, combined with invaluable regular networking opportunities with industry leaders, meant the Bioscience Enterprise programme was a very enjoyable and deeply rewarding experience.

I now have the privilege of leading an amazing team on a start-up journey to develop cutting-edge technology, add value to our global customers and give back to the local ecosystem. The MBioEnt degree was an integral part of my (ongoing) learning and growth journey.

Tim_McCready_180pxTIM MCCREADY, MBioEnt 2007
Business Development Manager
Kahne Animal Health

"This degree gave me the skills to understand the complexities of the international biotechnology environment, and the contribution New Zealand can offer. The course immerses you in the industry - the value of the network I have built is immeasurable.

Gaining a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise has allowed me to work internationally throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. I've recently returned to New Zealand after living in London, where I led the New Zealand Government's investment activity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as consulted to private industry. I'm now working in the private sector in business development and capital raising. Knowing I'm adding value to business is a really good feeling." - June 2014.

Move Project Manager

The Master of BioScience Enterprise (MBioEnt) Programme provided me with a valuable, industry specific skill set. The programme which was designed to be a bridge between Science and Business allowed me to become “bi-lingual” in both these discourses. The applied, industry-specific nature of the course consistently allowed me to apply the skills we learned in lectures to real world case studies and team projects.

In addition to this, my six month internship at Comvita in my second year allowed me to experience the culture and challenges faced by industry, while also allowing Comvita to observe my work ethic, talents and skill-set. Through my internship I was able to secure a full time position working with Comvita as the “Move Project Manager”. In this role I was responsible for creating a platform via Gamification to motivate and encourage our customers to improve their physical activity levels, while also consuming our Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) supplement. During my tenure as Comvita Move Project Manager I was involved in the overall development of the platform including content development, copywriting, report writing and time management. In addition to this I also able closely work with website developers, game developers and designers. Currently I am working on increasing the awareness of Olive Leaf Extract in Diabetic and Pre-diabetic customers through various campaign and engagement strategies, while also identifying and developing business cases to target new channels to market. I consistently draw on the knowledge attained from the MBioEnt Programme and believe that it would align perfectly with anyone who wants to pursue further study to enter an industry specific role in the life-science industry. June 2014.


Market Access Writer
Evidera, London

The Bioscience Enterprise Master’s programme was an extremely meaningful experience for me. The two year programme was pivotal to my transition from academia to industry; I was able to gather a deep insight into the biotech industry and gain invaluable international experience that helped to narrow my interests and ready me for my graduate career. After carrying out my internship at a market access agency in Stockholm I developed an interest in the market access and reimbursement industry. I am now living in London and working as a Market Access Writer within the Global Market Access Communications division at Evidera, an international consultancy agency that works with leading pharmaceutical companies all over the world. My role focuses on the development of market access communications materials such as value dossiers, as well as undertaking literature reviews and data analyses and involvement in payer research activities. Through this position, I am able to sustain my interest in the sciences while enjoying a commercial and client-facing role within the pharmaceutical industry. - July 2014.

Tom_Donovan_180pxTOM DONOVAN, MBioEnt 2010
Director of Communications
Nexvet Biopharma

As someone passionate about science but lacking laboratorial aspirations, the MBioEnt degree was an exciting opportunity to broaden the employment possibilities of my undergraduate science degree. The MBioEnt delivered on this promise, by providing a broad knowledge base that helped me move into work that matched my interests and skills.

I had always been interested in writing, and the MBioEnt degree’s associated internship program gave me journalistic experience to kick-start my career in life sciences communications. It’s highly unusual for university graduates to come to the workplace with relevant work experience and an appreciation for the many complexities of a business (particularly life-sciences business), so the MBioEnt was a useful differentiator in that regard.

I now manage communications for a rapidly growing biotechnology company, a deeply satisfying and challenging role which requires understanding how to balance scientific, commercial and legal interests - an understanding which began with my PGDipBioEnt studies. June 2014.

Karen_NgKAREN NG, MBioEnt 2008
Regional Education Manager
St. Jude Medical, Hong Kong, Asia

Engaging science with business can be exciting and also overwhelming. MBioEnt provided me with the skills and exposure that was needed to enter the commercial industry with ease. It will provide you with the platform and opportunities to learn about something that will be vitally important for sustainable career development in the future. I really appreciated my internship opportunity at F&P and my thesis completion on their China market development. MBioEnt is the most valuable journey I have experienced in my life and allowed me to explore different opportunities across Asia.

My current role is Regional Education Manager at St. Jude Medical. I am responsible for both internal and external physicians training on our latest products across Asia. This job allows me to travel to different countries to learn about varieties of market opportunities, and experience the dynamics of different cultures. This job gives me great satisfaction both professionally and personally, and would never have happened without MBioEnt. June 2014.


Technology Commercialisation Strategist

My journey into the MBioEnt course has taken me into multiple roles within New Zealand’s science and innovation sector. This included an internship and intellectual property based role within Plant & Food Research’s commercial development team. My current role with AUT’s Business Innovation Centre is the culmination of the many skills I picked up through the MBioEnt course! I meet the inventors, provide an initial assessment of the technology to determine whether the technology meets our incubation criteria and help incubated companies from concept to product. It’s exciting being part of an incubator that helps turn an idea into a product and the MBioEnt degree played a critical part in giving me the solid and holistic foundation I needed to understand this research commercialisation space. November 2011.