Industry Impact

Graduate Employment

The Bioscience Enterprise programme management aims to stay in touch with its alumni and keeps a record of their career development and employment. The table below gives an overview of bio-sector employment of MBioEnt graduates (snapshot 14.6.13)

Food (neutraceuticals, bioactives, agbio) 20%
Pharma (human, veterinary, clinical trials) 20%
Medtech 9%
Biotech (industrial, environmental) 4%
Government, Industry organisations 7%
Tech transfer 7%
Academic research 1%
Finance, Legal


Non-bio sectors 11%
Continuing study 3%


Employment in New Zealand 75%
Employment overseas 25%

Initial employment is often in entry-level positions consistent with the fact that for most of our graduates this is the first full-time job using their acquired science-business knowledge. We have seen numerous Bioscience Enterprise graduates being promoted and/or given new roles over the course of the first two years. Several companies have employed more than one MBioEnt graduate indicating widespread satisfaction with the quality of our graduates.

Typical position titles include the following:

  • Business Analyst
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Sales Consultant
  • Regulatory Compliance Engineer
  • Trade and Investment Manager
  • Investment Intern

Industry Comment

  • "Pacific Channel has been delighted to work with the Master of Bioscience Enterprise programme. We received our first intern in 2008 and went on to recruit that person who became a very effective member of our firm. We have also introduced our portfolio companies to the programme, and they have likewise benefited from the opportunity to work with committed talent who are focused on our industry. The students are all keen to learn and evolve. Only once have we experienced a situation where the person didn't work out and the University worked with us closely to recover the situation. The interns provide direct benefit to us through focusing their talents on real problems. There is also a recruitment benefit as we get to experience working with people who we or our associated companies may want to employ. Finally, we are also committed to the programme because we believe strongly that providing industry input and guidance to the programme and its students will help build a stronger life sciences industry in New Zealand." - November 2011

    Brent Ogilvie, BSc. (Bio.), MBA Managing Director

  • "Hosting the MBioEnt interns has been a great experience for PolyBatics as they bring fresh ideas and energy to their assigned projects. At the same they are eager to learn about the real world challenges facing biotech companies and actively engaged with the senior management of the company seeking their input and guidance.

    The interns we have worked with from the MBioEnt program have brought great talent and enthusiasm to the company. We throw real world, real business problems to them and they always rise to the occasion in working to sort things out. They also eagerly interact with senior management, recognizing that the real word of business is very different from the classroom environments they train in. We look forward to the next class to come through." - November 2011

    Tracy Thompson
    Chief Executive Officer
    PolyBatics, Ltd.

  • "I had the great pleasure of mixing with a number of students from the Bioscience Enterprise course at the end of the Friday Forum Seminar; what an impressive group of young men and women! As one who has learnt the "business of science" the hard way over the last decade (or so), it was refreshing to have my thoughts on our sector processed and returned to me with such thoughtfulness, by young scientists who seem to be "fluent" in both science and business concepts. I am aware of very few courses like this: bright young students; a really well run course, and; an intern programme that puts the students into real life hi-tech commercialisation settings… We'd love to be part of this going forward." - November 2011

    Professor Andrew F. Wilks
    Executive Chairman
    SYN|thesis med chem