Bioscience Strategies NZ Ltd takes an office in the IIB

Bioscience Strategies NZ Ltd. is a consultancy focused on commercial strategies and business development for early and mid-stage enterprises in the life sciences.

Jim Mervis, Managing Director of Bioscience Strategies, is a catalyst for success in company development in life sciences. He has an extensive background in securities and commercial transactions; defining and establishing strategic alliances and securing the financial and human resources for corporate growth. During the past ten years, Mr. Mervis played a pivotal role in the structure, finance and management of four of the most notable bio-pharmaceutical start-ups of the period: Barrier Therapeutics, Cardiokine, Intercept Pharmaceuticals and CoDa Therapeutics. He currently serves as Chairman of CoDa Therapeutics Inc. and a Director of Polybatics Ltd. In addition, he is an Advisor to New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, University of Auckland's Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology and Uniservices.