Eight co-appointed staff announced for joint graduate school

At a joint launch event on 2 August 2011 – the Joint Graduate School in Plant & Food Science got underway with the announcement of part-time academic appointments for eight staff at Plant & Food Research. These are:

  • Associate Professor Andrew Allan (Breeding and Genomics)
  • Associate Professor David Greenwood (Bioprotection)
  • Dr Robin MacDiarmid (Bioprotection)
  • Associate Professor Louise Malone (Bioprotection)
  • Associate Professor Richard Newcomb (Food Innovation)
  • Dr Robert Schaffer (Breeding and Genomics)
  • Professor Margot Skinner (Food Innovation)
  • Associate Professor Matt Templeton (Bioprotection)

Plant & Food Research has been a longstanding partner of the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology. The Joint Graduate School in Plant and Food Science between the CRI and the University of Auckland is the first school of its kind in New Zealand. Combining academic excellence and an industry perspective, the Joint Graduate School offers postgraduate students the opportunity to undertake Masters or PhD projects of direct relevance to the New Zealand primary production and food industries. The school also offers students access to the University’s research programmes and to Plant & Food’s expertise and research infrastructure across the country.

For more information please visit the School’s website www.plantandfood@auckland.ac.nz.