Masters in Bioscience Enterprise qualification celebrates 5th anniversary

A special celebration marked the 5th anniversary of the Masters in Bioscience Enterprise qualification at the final Bioscience Enterprise Forum for the year on Friday 9 December. Since the launch of the 2-year postgraduate programme in 2006, 85 students have completed their MBioEnt qualification. Graduates are dual skilled in science and business and are employed across the full spectrum of the life sciences industry in New Zealand and overseas. Employment data for over 90% of MBioEnt graduates show the food sector (including neutraceuticals, bioactives, agbio) as the primary career destination (27%), followed by the medical devices industry (19%), pharma (human, veterinary, clinical trials : 15%), and industrial, environmental biotechnology (1%). 17% of graduates are employed outside the life sciences sector. 72% of graduates work in New Zealand, 28% are employed overseas including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and Switzerland. 22% of graduates are employed by the companies/organisations where they did their 6 months industry internships for their Masters thesis projects. Feedback from employers has been positive throughout.