Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) becomes a co-locator in the IIB

LIC is one of the world’s leading dairy herd improvement companies and operates at the forefront of genetic and reproductive technologies and information collection and management systems. These technologies combine to provide dairy farmers with a range of products and services through which they achieve continuing production gains to increase their profitability and wealth.

LIC has been involved in the development of advanced reproductive technologies and proven genetic merit for nearly 100 years and brings together most of the work carried out in this field and the breakthroughs made during that period. LIC's main product categories are Artificial Breeding, Herd Testing and the MINDA animal recording system. Each of these product categories has its own range of products and services for dairy farmers.

Last season LIC achieved a landmark 3.3 million inseminations which represents 80 percent of the national herd and confirms Livestock Improvement’s essential role in contributing to the future profitability of dairy farming in New Zealand.

Through co-location in the IIB LIC has access to research expertise, laboratory facilities, and graduate students.