IIB brings international perspective to Knowledge City project in Mexico

The IIB is engaged as international advisor to a major new innovation precinct development in Pachuca – about 100km northeast from Mexico City. Planning for a novel Knowledge City concept in Pachuca, State of Hidalgo is well advanced. The 180ha development at the periphery of Pachuca aims to attract universities and technology companies to have a presence around three priority themes: agricultural biotechnology, engineering and ICT. Central to this development are shared facilities of world-class quality for academic and company staff to collaborate and share knowledge. Novel postgraduate programmes that train science/engineering graduates in business and commercialisation skills will attract students from across the country and internationally. Together with residential and commercial buildings, a new school and culture centre, the Knowledge City will be well integrated with the community in the wider region. The result will be the expansion and increased productivity of the regional agriculture and industry. The Knowledge City will be at the international cutting edge and a leading innovation centre in Mexico.

The IIB is pleased to be actively engaged in this ambitious and visionary project. The Director IIB, Joerg Kistler spent the first week of April working with consulting firm Cal y Mayor y Asociados in Mexico City followed by formal presentations to the Governor and Government officials of the State of Hidalgo in Pachuca. He advised on international best practice models for academic-industry partnerships and the design of shared buildings and specialised facilities for academic-industry collaboration.