DairyNZ becomes a co-locator in the IIB

DairyNZ is the industry good organisation representing New Zealand’s dairy farmers. Funded through levies and government investment, DairyNZ’s work includes R&D to create practical on-farm tools, leading on-farm adoption of best practice farming, and advocacy for policy, legislative and investment decisions by central and regional government. With an annual budget of over NZD70M, Dairy NZ adds considerable support to projects or programmes that have a clear benefit to NZ’s dairy farmers.

The co-location of several staff in the DairyNZ laboratory in the IIB primarily focuses on three areas: lactation, nutrition and fertility. Co-location in an academic research building with cutting edge expertise and facilities for molecular technologies was attractive to DairyNZ. ViaLactia, LIC and AgResearch also operate laboratories in the IIB thereby establishing an emerging agbio-science cluster at the University of Auckland. A partnership between these organisations has further established the recently announced joint Graduate School in Dairy Research and Innovation which aims to produce increasing numbers of highly qualified graduates for this economically important sector.