London MBioEnt alumni network growing

The Master in Bioscience Enterprise (MBioEnt) programme was launched in 2006 and has achieved around 120 successful completions to date. Around 25% of graduates are currently working in major economic centres outside New Zealand. London, Melbourne and Sydney are the main hubs with the highest numbers of MBioEnt alumni. The London alumni network has grown to six members who are currently employed in a diversity of positions with tech transfer, regulatory, business development and marketing responsibilities. Two additional alumni have returned to New Zealand following multi-year work experience in London. The IIB executive maintains contact with its overseas alumni and aims to meet them personally whenever the opportunity arises. The most recent of annual dinners for the London alumni was held 11 April 2014 and was hosted by Professor Emeritus Joerg Kistler. The group met in a historic pub in Islington in central London to catch up on latest news and discuss their experiences of living and working in one of the leading global finance centres. Everyone agreed that London provides a unique experience of business scale and relevance that will inevitably shape individual career development for the future. While none of the current London alumni has expressed immediate plans to return to New Zealand in the short term, the network facilitates mutual support between members in London and hopefully a successful repatriation sometime in the future.