High profile for IIB at GBR Gap Summit 2014 in Cambridge, UK

The IIB and Master in Bioscience Enterprise (MBioEnt) programme had a noticeable presence at the inaugural GBR Gap Summit held in Cambridge 31 March to 2 April 2014. The Gap Summit is the flagship event for the Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) organisation whose mission is to inspire young people and support the next generation of leaders who will ensure the sustainability and growth of biotechnology. A hundred biotech postgraduate students and young industry staff were selected from around the world as ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ to work together with 40 industry executives and academics as ‘Leaders of Today’ and address current and future gaps hindering the optimal development and public acceptance of biotechnology innovations. A disproportionally large contingent of seven University of Auckland graduates including GBR founding CEO and event organiser Ipshita Mandal were participating at the Cambridge forum. Professor Emeritus Joerg Kistler attended as an invited panel speaker and mentor for team projects. Discussions and projects addressed gaps around research and innovation, funding, workforce skills, as well as the public perception and acceptance of biotechnology. More information about the programme and outcomes can be found on the GBR website www.globalbiotechrevolution.com.

The Kiwi presence at the Gap Summit (from left to right): Anthony Riseley, Ipshita Mandal, Tamsin Bateman (MBioEnt), Lillian Kuan, Simon Segovia, Carthur Wan, Sebastian Liu (MBioEnt), Joerg Kistler.